In this section, you will find additional resources that relate to the Toolkit for Registered Apprenticeship in Healthcare. 

These resources will serve as support documents for getting your Registered Apprenticeship program up and running. 

If there are any additional resources you are looking for and are not contained in this list, feel free to reach out to

  1. H-CAP and NCHA
  2. Registered Apprenticeship as a Workforce Development Strategy
  3. Using and Creating Standards for Registered Apprenticeship
  4. Planning an Apprenticeship
  5. Forming an Apprenticeship Committee
  6. Developing Competencies and Education
  7. Working with Education Providers
  8. Recruiting and Onboarding Apprentices
  9. Mentorship
  10. Assessing Competency in Registered Apprenticeship in Healthcare
  11. Program Completion and Evaluation