Registered Apprenticeship is an innovative system of preparing workers for jobs required by healthcare employers to create the 21st century workforce. New ways of delivering care, advances in technology, and an increase in complex patients create challenges for healthcare employers to recruit and retain a job-ready workforce. Registered Apprenticeship addresses these challenges as a smart investment with proven benefits for employers, workers, and the overall economy.

H-CAP and our healthcare industry partners support Registered Apprenticeship, a flexible, employer-directed training approach that addresses talent gaps, develops a skilled workforce providing high quality, cost-effective care, and delivers results.

Registered Apprenticeship is a training system overseen by the U.S. Department of Labor that combines on-the-job training with work-based instruction and learning while the worker receives wages. At the end of the apprenticeship period, the worker earns a national industry-recognized credential that may include college credit

Healthcare employers, employer associations, unions, and labor-management organizations sponsor Registered Apprenticeship programs, collaborating with education, workforce systems, and community-based organizations. Together, they work to plan the program, build the core components, launch the apprenticeship, and review the successes and lessons learned.

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Registered Apprenticeship benefits include offering training customized to your workplace, upskilling workers, reducing employee turnover, and improving productivity and the bottom line.

Registered Apprenticeship

H-CAP was selected by the U.S. Department of Labor to be a National Industry Partner to help increase the adoption of Registered Apprenticeship in healthcare. H-CAP has deep knowledge, relationships, and expertise in healthcare to assist in exploring Registered Apprenticeship.

Through groundbreaking work with healthcare employers, unions, and intermediaries, H-CAP founded the National Center for Healthcare Apprenticeships to register and implement apprenticeships including Community Health Worker, Hospital Coder, Medical Assistant, and other healthcare occupations. H-CAP, through our network of over 900 employers, is getting the word out and sharing best practices in Registered Apprenticeship across all sectors of the healthcare industry.

Visit our Resources and National Library that has tools on Registered Apprenticeship tailored to the healthcare industry. Contact Rebecca Von Loewenfeldt, H-CAP Associate Director at for more information.