In this section, you will find additional Tools and Resources you may need as you get your Registered Apprenticeship program up and running.

Starting a Registered Apprenticeship program for the first time?

These are the things you should know: 

Registered Apprenticeship for Employers

Registered Apprenticeship for Education Providers

Registered Apprenticeship for Workforce Partners

What is the National Center for Healthcare Apprenticeships

Click here for a full Toolkit for Registered Apprenticeship in Healthcare

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Case studies on successful Registered Apprenticeship Programs: 

Ok. We signed the Standards. Now what? 

Here are some supporting documents that may be helpful as you kick-off the program: 

Apprentice Resources

Apprentice Welcome Orientation Packet

Applying my learning

Keeping track of my work

Journaling my work

Mentor Resources

Simple Observation Form

Tracking Time

Portfolio Assessment

Mentor Training

Mentorship Training Program Handout

Sponsor Resources

Credit for Prior Learning

Rubric for Competency

/files/apprenticeships/Healthcare-Mentorship-Training-Program-Handout.docxFor additional resources from other Registered Apprenticeships around the country, please visit our National Library, where, you can find signed Standards of Apprenticeship as well as the Work Process Schedule and Related Instruction Outline for different occupations that are already in progress. 

Contact Neelam Gupta, H-CAP Project Manager at neelam.gupta@hcapinc.org for more information.