H-CAP held its annual spring conference in Washington, DC on 28 March, 2019. It provided members of our network the opportunity to work through the continuing evolution in the healthcare industry on several fronts including the effects of technological innovation. The opening plenary focused on projected workforce shortages across multiple occupations in all sectors of healthcare and highlighted the challenges presented, innovations to support forward thinking solutions, and the critical role of labor/management and government collaboration to ensure solutions that support high road jobs, quality care and increase equity. 

H-CAP conferences provide a forum to share best practices and promote the development of high road jobs. We welcomed approximately 150 employer, union, education, government and workforce leaders speaking about their strong labor/management partnerships working to support the workforce needed for quality care.


Slide Decks from Presenters

Plenary Session: The Looming Healthcare Workforce Shortage: Labor/Management Solutions to Support High Road Jobs and Quality Care

Presentations by:

 State Level Policy and Program Innovation for the Healthcare Workforce 

Presentations by:

 Supporting Working Parents in Healthcare: Lessons Learned from the MOVE UP Pilot

Presentation by:

 Labor/Management Collaboration on Technological Change and the Healthcare Workforce  

Presentations by:

Innovative Labor/Management Strategies for the Retention and Development of Nurses

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Poster Session Videos

Innovative Training Programs for Homecare and Childcare Workers

Ambulatory Coding Apprenticeship

The Care Management Academy

Building a Dedicated Robotic Interprofessional Team

Acute Care CNA

OAR (Observe, Ask, Report)

Six By Six

Employer-Based Career Pathways Project in Long Term Care Skilled Nursing Facilities

Caregiver Kicks

Innovative Programs Shape the Future of Washington’s Healthcare Workforce System     

Environmental Service Worker Safety Program