Los Angeles, CA - The Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP) held its spring conference, where members of the network were able to come together to share best practices in promoting high quality care, training models and innovative workforce solutions. We welcomed an audience of over 100 healthcare labor, employer, education, and workforce leaders speaking about their strong labor/management partnerships working to support the workforce needed for quality care in challenging times. 

Panels included healthcare industry experts discussing timely topics on artificial intelligence, and the role technology is taking in changing the workforce of the future; innovations in homecare and new emerging roles in this sector; changes in nursing homes and skilled nurse facilities; labor/management partnerships with educational providers, and sharing of best practices from our partners in LA County. Poster sessions were presented on labor/management training innovations, such as data driven predictive intervention; supporting RNs to achieve their BSN; population health and mental health; English for dietary workers through Cell Ed; advancing Medical Assistants careers, among others. H-CAP also introduced their new Expanded Toolkit on Registered Apprenticeship in Healthcare, which will be available by early summer this year.

About H-CAP

The Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP) is a national labor/management organization that promotes innovation and quality in healthcare career education. Its board includes Service Employees International Union (SEIU) locals and healthcare employers across all sectors of healthcare in 15 states and Washington, D.C. H-CAP shares best practices in workforce development and planning, aligns healthcare professional education with industry needs, addresses changes in healthcare technology and their workforce implications, and develops programs that combine career advancement with quality outcomes.


Slide Decks from Presenters

Labor/Management Training Innovations Poster Sessions

Employee Advancement Opportunity: Training Bilingual Incumbent Employees to Become Certified Medical Interpreters Watch here
District 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund's GED to Healthcare Careers Program Watch here
Introduction to the New H-CAP Toolkit for Registered Apprenticeships Watch here
Medical Assistants Advancing Their Careers with the Education Fund Watch here
Mobile Up Accelerator Project: Cell Ed English for Dietary Workers Watch here
Immigrants Guide to Accessing Healthcare in New York Watch here
Seattle Training Fund Supports RN Members to Obtain BSN Degree Watch here
Labor/Management Quality and Process Improvement Teams in Skilled Nursing Centers Watch here
Predictive Intervention: Combining Data Science Based Predictive Models and Customized Peer Mentor Interventions to Reduce Caregiver Turnover Watch here
Population Health/Mental Health Concerns and the Role of TEF in Preparing our Workforce for Caring for this Special Population Watch here